Level 2 ASP Services

We are a Level 2 accredited service provider

We are qualified in tackling all types of level 2 electrical work. This means we have the capability, training and qualifications to repair and replace low voltage wiring both overhead and underground, conduct three phase upgrades and install private poles.

We are accredited service providers and have been given permission by NSW Government Trade & amp; Investment Resources to safely work on electricity networks owned by Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy.

Our Level 2 ASP services include:
1. Metering solutions: Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, our Level 2 ASP services cover a wide range of metering solutions, including new installations, relocations, and upgrades to smart meters.
2. Overhead and underground services: From overhead to underground service connections, our experts ensure seamless installation, maintenance, and repairs, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.
3. Consumer mains upgrades: Enhance your power capacity with confidence. Our team specialises in upgrading consumer mains to accommodate your growing electrical demands while ensuring compliance and safety.
4. Switchboard upgrades and repairs: We optimise your switchboard for efficiency and reliability, offering upgrades, repairs, and replacements that meet both current and future electrical requirements.
5. Temporary builders’ supplies: Keep your construction site powered efficiently with our temporary builders’ services. We handle the setup and dismantling of temporary electrical connections, ensuring a smooth workflow.
6. Disconnection/reconnection services: Maintain the safety of your employees and contractors when working near live overhead service lines. Have the service lines disconnected by our professional team and ensure safety is not an issue. We regularly attend sites across Sydney to disconnect overhead service lines to elevate any concerns of safety for whilst the work is carried out on or near roofs, facias, cladding and painting.

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