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Premium Level 2 Electrician Services In Sydney

Davidsons Electrical and Data are your qualified and insured Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) electricians servicing Sydney’s North Shore and beyond. We specialise in the supply of electricity from your choice of energy authority network to your property. 

We are fully licensed professionals who are proficient and certified in a range of services. With significant experience behind us, we can guarantee the utmost professionalism and the trained electricians to complete the task.

As the preferred Level 2 ASP electrician that Sydney residents and company directors can trust, we provide swift and cost-effective electrical work across multiple suburbs. We are proud of our punctuality, keen attention to detail and completing all Level 2 authorised services safely and to our customers expectations.

For quality electrical services, look no further than Davidsons Electrical and Data.

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Our Electrician Services

Commercial Electrician

Our experienced and trustworthy commercial electricians will also make sure that any electrical project is completed within your designated timeframe and within budget. They can perform the premium quality electrical work that remains intact for several years, and reap the benefits of the best electrical solutions for your company’s unique electrical problems.

Residential Electrician

Whether you’ve just relocated and need new house appliances installed or currently renovating your property’s electrical wiring, we have the people and tools to do so. Our skilled electrical team ensures that contemporary and cutting-edge electrical technologies are incorporated while lowering costs.

Electrical Safety Inspection

Regular safety checks of all electrical fixtures, appliances and installations can keep renters, homeowners, building managers and employees safe from the dangers associated with electrical faults while ensuring they are in compliance with Australian building codes. Our Level 2 electricians are trained to pinpoint faults in any residential or commercial electrical system and fix them before they cause long-term damage to your property.

Electricity Maintenance

Regular preventative electrical maintenance services are essential to mitigate the possibility of electrical emergencies. Our electricians can give you tailored maintenance and repair solutions based on your unique electrical requirements. This involves entering your property and carefully assessing your electrical facilities to verify that your home or commercial facility is safe and adheres to state regulations.

Private Pole Installations

Fully licensed and insured, our private pole services extend to inspection, placement, replacement and installation and so much more. At an affordable rate, we can help connect your pole to the street’s network, provide expert advice and can be called to work at a convenient time that suits you.

3 Phase Upgrade

We are a team of seasoned licensed electricians who can convert your power supply to a three-phase upgrade without difficulty. We can work with you not only to upgrade your power supply but also to guarantee that it is functioning efficiently now and in the future.

We Are Highly Qualified Level 2 Electricians in Sydney

Level 2 electricians are electrical service professionals that are trained and authorised to connect residential, commercial and industrial premises to and from an electricity grid. Due to the heightened risk that comes with this specialised electrical work, not all electricians are able to do this. 

Davidsons Electrical and Data can connect and disconnect you to overhead or underground power supply if it’s undergoing substantial renovations, and even set up temporary electrical supply for builders. 

We provide commercial, residential and emergency call out Level 2 electrical services throughout Sydney’s North Shore and neighbouring suburbs. We have significant years of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship. 

Due to the complicated procedures involved, you can feel rest assured that our electricians possess the safety skills and specialist knowledge to carry out tasks that involve the electrical supply network. 

As a registered Level 2 ASP in Sydney, we hold the necessary qualifications to perform the following tasks: 

  • Class 2A: Disconnect and reconnect service lines at the point of attachment.

  • Class 2B: Carry out work on underground service conductors and cabling systems.

  • Class 2C: Carry out work on overhead service conductors and lines.

  • Class 2D: Work with network service equipment, including service protection devices and fuses.

After Hours & Emergency Level 2 Electrician Services Sydney

After hours Level 2 Electricians are sometimes mistaken as emergency/24 hour electricians.

When called for after hours Level 2 electrical work, it may not necessarily be a matter of urgency depending on the circumstance and the standard hours of operation. Our Level 2 electricians can conduct after hours electrical work for most commercial establishments such as hospitals, factor/shift workers or people who require travelling long distances for work.

If you have any electrical issues that can’t be ignored or leave you in dangerous situations, don’t hesitate to contact our emergency electricians.

Why Use Our Level 2 Electrician Services?

At Davidsons Electrical and Data, our team adheres to the safety rules set by the local electrical supply authorities. We perform all required safety tests to ensure that our electrical repairs comply with state service regulations and the Australian Standard AS3000. This way, you can be confident that your premises are safe and protected from future electrical faults.

Residential Projects

At Davidsons Electrical and Data we provide hassle free start to finish electrical solutions for our clients, architects, designers and building partners.

Level 2 ASP Service Provider

As a Level 2 ASP accredited service provider we are authorised to disconnect/re-connect your home

Maintenance and 24 Hour Emergency Services

We are available 24/7 to provide you with great customer service when issues arise around your home.

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