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Level 2 Electricians Northern Beaches

Are you in need of any electrical services? Worry no more. At Davidsons Electricals and Data, we have level 2 electricians servicing Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Being licensed level 2 electricians, we guarantee attention to detail and on-time task completion. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services throughout Northern Beaches.

As registered and accredited electricians in Northern Beaches, we have the necessary safety skills and knowledge in electrical supply work. We are registered and approved to connect or disconnect your power from the main power source.

We work to provide quick, quality, and affordable services.

What We Guarantee Our Clients

Our goal is to provide quality electrical services throughout Sydney’s northern beaches. If your building is undergoing substantial renovations, we are accredited and authorised to disconnect or reconnect you to the overhead or underground power supply. You can expect quick responses from our team of electricians. We offer 24-hour service, as we understand that some electrical issues need urgency.

How Do We Do It ?

Our level 2 electricians in Northern Beaches are capable and equipped with skills to take any project to completion. Our first step is doing an assessment of your property. Our level 2 electricians will then proceed to give you professional advice. A solution will then be offered according to your electrical needs. You can trust us to do a proper assessment, advise on the solution and fix the electrical issue.

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Our Services

We have level 2 accredited service electricians authorised throughout Northern Beaches, Sydney, who offer a wide range of services.

  •     Electrical Safety Inspection

Our level 2 electricians have the skills and knowledge to spot faults in any electrical system. We connect your electrical equipment and machines and thoroughly inspect them.

We don’t just check on the faults; our electricians will fix them before they cause damage to your property.

  •     Commercial Electrician

Our skilled and experienced commercial electricians at Northern Beaches will perform high-quality electrical work while keeping in mind the project’s timeframe and budget. Our electricians will offer solutions for any electrical problem. You are going to enjoy the benefits of their work for several years.

  •     Residential Electrician

We have professional level 2 electricians in Northern Beaches that will take care of your residential place. Whether it’s the renovation of a home or the construction of a new house, you can trust us with appliance installation and property electrical wiring. We use modern electrical technologies in these projects without necessarily increasing the cost.

  •     Electrical Maintenance

After installation, we offer to frequently check your electricals and do any repairs needed to reduce future electrical failures. Our electricians will carefully assess your electrical facility to ensure your property is secure and up to the electrical state code. Based on the assessment, our electricians will give you a repair solution.

  •     Private Pole Installation

Since we are fully licensed, we can give private pole installations. Routine powerline, power pole inspection, and maintenance are essential to effectively manage your private electricity lines. Our level 2 electricians in Northern Beaches will help inspect, place, replace and install your power pole to transfer the electricity to the switchboard and any other place in the building.

We offer round-the-clock service, so we work at your convenient time.

  •     Upgrading Your Power Supply

Our accredited electricians can easily change the power supply from a single-phase to a 3-phase power supply. Since we work with a team of licensed electricians, we don’t just install 3-phase power; we guarantee its efficient functioning for a long period of time.

  •     After Hours and Emergency Level 2 Electricians

We provide commercial, residential, and emergency call-outs throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It does not need to be an emergency; our level 2 electricians can conduct after-hours electrical work for any establishment. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any electrical problem that might lead to a bigger issue if left unattended.

Residential Projects

At Davidsons Electrical and Data we provide hassle free start to finish electrical solutions for our clients, architects, designers and building partners.

Level 2 ASP Service Provider

As a Level 2 ASP accredited service provider we are authorised to disconnect/re- connect your home to the Electricity distributors network using a private pole or underground system, install new metering services on your home and investigate power outages on your property

Maintenance and 24 Hour Emergency Services

We are available 24/7 to provide you with great customer service when issues arise around your home. Give us a call, we are here to help you get on with your life.

Why Choose Us ?

Davidsons Electrical and Data is a qualified level 2 electrical company in Northern Beaches. Our Northern Beaches electricians are reliable and on standby for your request to make your electrical problems disappear. We are certified and registered to execute a number of electrical works that include:

  • Class 2A: joining and cutting service lines from the main network
  • Class 2B: work on the current supply on the underground service lines
  • Class 2C: overhead connections and improved power supply
  • Class 2D: fitting electricity metres

You can confidently leave any electrical work to us, and we will not disappoint. We complete all level 2 authorised services safely and to our customers’ expectations at an affordable price.

Upfront pricing

We believe in customer transparency. As a result, we will always be honest with you throughout the job. If any issues arise during the work, we will notify you before adding them to your invoice.

Hardworking & Respectful

Our electricians are known for their great customer service and dedication to the industry. You can anticipate our electricians to walk into your home with a smile on their faces.

Certified & Knowledgeable

We have the expertise and qualifications to manage the most sophisticated electrical repairs. By laying overhead service lines, personal poles, and subterranean cables, we can help you link your home to an electricity network of your choosing.

24-hour service

Our team delivers 24/7 rapid-response electrical services at any time of the day or night to keep you and your family safe in hazardous situations.

Top quality workmanship

When it comes to delivering high-quality workmanship, you can trust our team of electricians to employ the safest repair procedures to get the job done.

Always on-time

We have a reputation for finishing projects on time and under budget. We can finish any electrical work swiftly, regardless of how challenging it is.

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For any electrical work in Northern Beaches, Davidsons Electrical and Data is your best choice, whether for residential or commercial properties. You are assured that your property will be safe from electrical faults as we adhere to state service regulations and Australian standards. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to help.

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