Private Power Pole Installations

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Private poles can be used to provide the power to your premise and a clean looking front of house without any service cables running across your front yard or driveway.

Private poles are used to connect your property to the energy distributors network, then supplying power to your property either using the pole as a joining point to ensure the overhead cable does not cross another property’s boundary or as a joining point for underground cables to run to your switchboard.

If you require professional direction with your private power pole installation , Davidsons’ Electrical team of accredited Level 2 electricians are here to help. With significant experience under our belts, our electrical services regarding private poles and residential electrical solutions are some of the best in the Northern Beaches. Fully licenced and insured, our private pole services extend to inspection, placement, replacement and installation and so much more. At an affordable rate, we can help connect your pole to the street’s network, provide expert advice and can be called to work at a convenient time that suits you.

Our emergency electrical services ensure we arrive on time, work efficiently and leave you with the best possible outcome.

For reliable and trustworthy electrical services, choose Davidsons Electrical.

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Importance of Private Electricity Pole

Private pole installations for residential properties give homeowners the ability to decide how their electricity enters their property . Private poles are installed at the landowner’s boundary and give a pathway for the service cables to enter into a switchboard.

Private poles are also invaluable if the street’s network pole connected to the home is too dangerous. In most cases, cables from network poles would obstruct trees, walkways and roads. A private pole however can reduce the obstructions to the front of your house. Having a private pole can also create a safer environment for surrounding properties by ensuring no machinery makes contact with live overhead service cables. Finally, private poles should be installed if an existing pole is damaged, resulting in a private pole replacement service.

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