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Level 2 ASP Service Provider

As a Level 2 ASP accredited service provider we are authorised to disconnect/re-connect your home to the Electricity distributors network using a private pole or underground system, install new metering services on your home and investigate power outages on your property

Disconnect and reconnect overhead and underground services

Disconnecting and reconnecting services can be for several reasons, painting the exterior of your house, replacing the fascia where your service lines connect to your property, erecting scaffolding, tree trimming, roof repairs or any work that the overhead cables are in the way.

Install, repair and maintain overhead and underground services connecting to private premises

New service cables from the service providers power poles to your property, repair damaged service cables, upgrade service cables size.

Private pole or pillar Installation

Using a private pole or pillar at the front of the premise you can have no service cables running over your driveway or front yard, Redirecting overhead service cables to stay clear of crossing neighbouring boundaries.

Install metering equipment

Installing electrical metering for energy providers to ensure you are being billed correctly.

3 phase power upgrades

Need more power to your property to live the lifestyle you desire and provide 3 phase power to appliances that require it. We can go through the application with you and complete the work once approved.

24hr emergency services

Available 24/7 for all your power needs, Whether a Storm has caused damage to your incoming service cables, falling trees or branches, No power due to an issue in the switchboard with the smell of burning.

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