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Electrical safety checks are imperative to identify electrical faults and safety concerns. For example, they can ensure that wiring components comply with Australian industry standards set out in the Electricity Safety Regulation 2002, or all household appliances are installed correctly. Our team of Level 2 Electricians in Sydney are certified, trained and possess the experience to pinpoint faults in any residential or commercial electrical system. Require our services? Reach out to our electricians today.

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Davidsons Electrical’s team of experienced electricians can identify the following:

✓ If electrical circuits and equipment are experiencing an overload
✓ Reveal electrical hazards and rectify them
✓ Identify non-compliant ‘handy work’
✓ Highlight lack of earthing or bonding
✓ Switchboard and power point testing
✓ Replacement of faulty electrical systems

How often should you have an electrical safety check?

Safety checks of all electrical fixtures, appliances and installations every year can keep renters and homeowners safe from dangers associated with electrical faults. Regular mandatory safety checks can also ensure that property managers and owners are fulfilling their obligations. It’s important that electrical safety inspections are carried out by a team of licensed electricians. With their knowledge, experience and industry know-how, they can ensure that service is completed in accordance with building codes and legislation.

Why do you need an Electrical Safety Check?

Depending on the electrical systems in your business premises or home, certified electricians must thoroughly work through all internal and external areas to make sure there are no risks or issues. When problems are identified, every issue will be noted in a detailed report and a practical solution will be recommended.

These days, electrical safety inspections are supported by state governments and local councils. Therefore, there is almost no excuse to avoid looking into the services of an experienced electrician to perform an electrical audit at your house. Safety checks involve making sure electrical circuits are not overloaded. Any potential hazards can be highlighted and rectified immediately.

Many elements can impact the safety of your home’s electrical circuit, such as usage, age and the installation of new appliances and devices. By not having regular electrical checks, you risk your family as well as lose all your belongings in an electrical-related fire. Finding out the electrical hazards lurking in your home with a safety inspection can prevent catastrophic events.

With a comprehensive electrical safety check, you can obtain all the necessary information to keep your home safe. Remember, hazards can be costly and dangerous to your family if not fixed immediately.

A safety inspection is vital for the following:

  • Old wiring in your house.
  • Your house or business premises is more than 25 years old and hasn’t had an inspection.
  • You have electrical equipment operating erratically, especially if appliances are more than 5 years old.

Only approved electrical safety inspectors are authorised to carry out inspections. With Davidsons Electrical, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive a thorough assessment. Our certified electricians will conduct a visual audit and run some detailed tests with the power switch off. Once tests are completed, your electrical system will be restored to its original condition.

The detailed report you receive from your electrical safety inspection will contain a general assessment of the overall condition of your electrical systems, and whether it is safe or in need of remedial work. We can summarise the results of every test conducted, the limitations that existed along with a list of items which need your attention.

No matter how unique your electrical requirements are, Davidsons Electrical is here to help.

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