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Davidson Electrical is your reputable commercial electrician for the Greater Sydney area.

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We specialise in delivering high quality and commercial electrical services developed from years of experience working with unique commercial industries. Certified Level 2 ASP electrical providers, our professional team has the expertise to repair, install and maintain your industrial or commercial building’s electrics to ensure optimal safety and that they comply with Australian industry standards.

We endeavour to provide quality workmanship to all clients. As a reputable commercial electrical company with a strong comprehension of various commercial needs, we offer a wide range of services for leading enterprises to small boutique stores. Whether your business requires emergency power loss and urgent power restoration, light installation and testing, switchboard upgrades and maintenance to routine electrical safety inspections, Davidson Electrical has dedicated itself in providing the best and most cost-effective electrical solutions for business owners, warehouses and so much more.

As a professional electrician, our highly trained team is conscious of your time and budgetary restraints. We work hard to ensure that your needs are exceeded beyond your expectations. No matter how complex your electrical requirements, no job is too difficult for Davidson Electrical.

Davidson Electrical provides 24/7 electrical services for emergency cases. Each member from our team is also licensed and insured to give you the peace of mind that your needs will be taken care of by a highly experienced commercial electrician.

We provide commercial services to the following commercial and industrial areas. These include but are not limited to:

✔️ Strata and Building Management
✔️ Schools and Education Centres
✔️ Retirement Villages
✔️ Hospitals and Medical Practices
✔️ Sporting Complexes
✔️ Government Departments
✔️ Warehouses and Offices

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Commercial Electrician Services

  • Emergency power loss and power restoration
  • Preventative and reactive maintenance
  • Data cable installation and testing
  • Switchboard installation and maintenance
  • Main switchrooms and distribution boards
  • Exit and emergency lighting installation and testing
  • LED light upgrades, design and planning
  • Project management
  • New wiring
  • Cable support systems
  • Regular electrical safety inspections
  • Electrical make safes
  • Scheduled service calls
  • Power upgrades
  • Testing and ragging
  • Thermographic Testing
  • Vehicle charging systems

Why use a Commercial Electrician in Sydney

When you’re a commercial property owner or supervisor, or in charge of property management, your role is to ensure various factors and functions are working as they should. Such responsibilities include assessing and analysing the electrical systems and components in the building. However, electrical issues are best repaired by an expert commercial electrician who can fulfil all of your commercial needs and comprehend the importance of keeping the workplace safe from electrical hazards.

With a commercial electrician, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Perform premium quality electrical work that remains intact for several years
  • Gain significant knowledge about finding the right electrical solutions for your business’s unique electrical problems.
  • Adaptable and flexible services, and expert advice on any specific type of commercial building.
  • Have relevant and up-to-date licenses and certifications to perform any electrical work
  • Adhere to standard Australian codes to abide by safety regulations

An experienced and trustworthy commercial electrician will also make sure that any electric project is completed within your designated timeframe and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Commercial Electrician ?

A commercial electrician is a trained specialist that performs repairs, trouble-shooting and maintenance in commercial environments including cafés, restaurants, offices and most other workplaces. Such professionals are also able to carry out regular safety inspections, identify electrical faults and make recommendations to improve overall safety, and address said issues that may be found.

What Does A Commercial Electrician Do ?

Commercial electricians in Sydney are certified to carry out the following electrical duties for large-scale electrical work. These include: 

  • Install wire and electrical units.
  • Attaching covers for open wiring systems and circuits.
  • Maintenance of small-scale and large-scale electrical systems.
  • Inspection of wiring issues.
  • Assessing whether a business’s electrical systems are according to state’s codes.
  • Diagnosing all electrical problems in the vicinity that need working on. 
  • Make plans for new electrical installations and systems that require to be constructed. 
  • Construction of electrical systems. 
  • Read and create technical drawings. 
  • Training junior electricians who work in similar environments.

Lead teams to work on a particular, large-scale commercial project.

Can A Commercial Electrician Do Domestic Work ?

While commercial electricians usually deal with larger-scale projects, they have a thorough understanding of residential needs as some tasks overlap between the two. Therefore, commercial electricians are capable of taking on residential projects. 

However, due to the size, scope and complexity of commercial electrical projects, commercial electricians will usually stick to their specialised field. 

Compared to residential electricians, commercial electricians require more experience due to complexity, safety, and reliability factors of large-scale projects, and may handle different equipment as commercial electrical systems require cables with more insulation and sheathing to handle demanding commercial applications. These often include higher voltage and current flow which are expected to perform almost continuously.

What Is The Difference Between An Industrial And Commercial Electrician ?

Industrial and commercial electrical companies both require their electricians to have substantial knowledge of the electrical profession. While this knowledge is the cornerstone for both, their specialty lies in two very different fields.

Industrial electricians are highly experienced in troubleshooting electrical issues within the manufacturing industry whereas, commercial electricians are more skilled at the electrical repairs and maintenance within the mainstream workplace. Other key differences include the following: 

Work environment: Compared to industrial electricians, commercial electricians tend to work with lower-scale electrical systems in commercial spaces such as office buildings, retail stores and restaurants to ensure wiring and electrical components are operating efficiently. Industrial electricians will primarily work in mines, factories and manufacturing plants and carry work involving complex electrical systems. These often include high voltage components.

Daily duties: While both electricians operate in the electrical field, their tasks can be different. Commercial electricians daily duties can vary depending on their client or work environment, with some electricians working with an in-house team. Industrial electricians’ everyday schedule depends on the company’s current requirements. They may also have to work with a wide variety of equipment to complete more complex projects. 

Why Choose Davidsons Electrical As Your Commercial Electrician In Sydney ?

What makes Davidsons Electrical and Data different from the rest? Simply that our commercial electricians are experienced, respectful and known for their attention to detail. 

We strive to provide high-quality and reliable electrical and level 2 ASP services. We aim to always communicate with our customers and offer 24/7 service that guarantees the safest results possible and achieves customer satisfaction day or night. No matter the size and scope of the commercial project, we operate at the highest level of standards while adhering state compliance regulations. It is this commitment to excellent results and putting our clients electrical needs first that make Davidsons the first choice for small businesses and large enterprises in Sydney. 

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