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Require more power or have too many appliances draining your current energy supply? With a 3 phase upgrade, your home or business will never run short on electricity. Partner with our highly trained team of electricians and we can help you determine whether upgrading from single phase to three phase is the right choice for your home, and can handle the installation.

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What is a 3 phase upgrade?

Most domestic residences only require single phase power as is the standard for all homes being connected to the grid. Electrical appliances such as freezers, fridges, ovens, dryers, lights and even televisions all run smoothly on single phase power.

However, some domestic households require a 3 phase power installation when it’s running heavy-duty electrical appliances. This can include having a large house or appliances that draw a large amount of current like air conditioners. Rural properties may also require 3 phase upgrades to accommodate running farm machinery.

Three phase circuits provide greater power density and make it easier to balance the load large motors draw by spreading it evenly across all three phases. This means that your electricity consumption will be shared out across all three phases evenly.

How does it work?

Your electricity is either connected at 230 volts (single phase), or at 415 volts (three phase). The three phase circuit combines three alternating currents of the same frequency. This produces three separate ‘waves’ or power with the electric power supply never dropping to zero. Therefore, power is continually being delivered.

Benefits to upgrading to 3 phase power

With three phase power under your belt, you reap the benefits of many advantages. Some of them are as follows:
✓ Gives you the ability to use 80A of current per phase.
✓ Reduction in energy loss
✓ Machines run by 3 phase and are known to last longer due to less vibration
✓ Gives more power to draw from
✓ Can install any appliance type of appliance giving you more choice

Upgrade your electricity supply to 3 phase with Davidsons Electrical

We are accredited Level 2 service providers with a hardworking team based in Sydney. As certified and highly trained electricians, we possess the technical skills and knowledge to upgrade your electrical supply to 3 phase power without any mishaps. We can work to not only upgrade your electricity supply, but ensure that it is running smoothly now, and into the future.

Require our services? Contact the Davidsons Electrical team today to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to help.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Three Phase Power ?

    3 phase electric power is a common type of alternating electrical current used for residential and commercial electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Rather than a single wire, the system employs three active wires (or four with an optional neutral wire) to deploy electricity to a home. It is the most common method used in electrical grids worldwide.

    Why Upgrade To 3-phase Power ?

    When you upgrade to 3 phase power from single phase, it can provide you broad range of advantages including:

    • Power supply into your property will never drop to zero.
    • Electrical equipment and appliances run by 3 phase power typically last longer and provide less vibration.
    • You won’t see a decline in energy efficiency or energy loss.
    • While it offers a similar amount of current as single phase power, it has the capability to generate more power.
    • It is more affordable to run due to less cabling and gadgets involved.
    • Easily upgradable from a single phase power supply.
    • A 3-phase circuit can deliver more power density than a single-phase circuit at the same amperage. Therefore, it can keep wiring size and costs lower.

    What Is The Cost Of Upgrading From Single Phase To Three Phase ?

    The cost to upgrade from a single-phase to a three-phase service ranges from $8 to $11 per linear foot, depending on how close the new line connects to the nearest existing three-phase power line in the neighbourhood.

    Can You Run A Single Phase On Three Phase ?

    While single phase electrical power can be derived from a 3 phase power source, a transformer will not convert single phase power to 3 phase power. Converting power requires a phase convertor or a variable frequency drive. 

    Does Three Phase Power Cost More ?

    Upgrading from single phase to three phase cost is more expensive but only in the installation stages. In the long run, it is more affordable.

    The hardware required to configure three phase power is costly whereas single phase power is less complex in design, therefore needs fewer components. However, as mentioned previously, three phase power is more cost-effective as the setup is more reliable. This is because it has three conductors delivering consistent power levels and the settings with 3 phase upgrades are less vulnerable to outages. This can minimise power failures and extend the life of your electrical appliances. 

    Why Choose Davdisons Electrical To Upgrade To Three Phase Power ?

    Looking to increase the electrical efficiency of your appliances and devices in your home? Davidsons Electrical and Data’s Level 2 Accredited electricians can successfully upgrade your single phase power to three phase and ensure the stability and consistency of your power supply is running as it should.

    With years of experience working on commercial and residential properties in Sydney, we can cost-effectively upgrade your power supply requirements in a quick turnaround time while fully complying with industry regulations and standards. No matter the complexity of your project, we can provide you with competitive upfront pricing and maintain a high level of standards while working with you.

    To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.